The LIFE Team

Dr Chris Paton (Principal Investigator)

chrispatonphotobioChris has a background in clinical medicine and an MBA from the University of Auckland. He is the Group Head for Global Health Informatics at the University of Oxford and has led the development  of digital health projects in both high and low-income countries over the last 15 years.

Professor Mike English (Co-Founder)

image8Mike works as a paediatrician and Oxford University Professor in Nairobi, Kenya. Working with Kenyan colleagues, Mike developed the ETAT+ face-to-face training course for healthcare workers in Africa. He came up with the idea for the LIFE project when he saw how the healthcare workers they were training on the ETAT+ course increasingly carried smartphones.

Dr Hilary Edgcombe (Clinical Lead)

image7Hilary is an Consultant Anaesthetist in the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She is an experienced trainer both in the UK and in sub-Saharan Africa. She guides the development of the clinical content of the LIFE project scenarios.

Naomi Muinga (Kenya Development Team Lead)

f577ff0c3d9b8421a33a987b18be550eNaomi leads the development team in Kenya. She has a background in computer science with a Masters degree in Health Informatics.

Conrad Wanyama (Content Development Consultant)

0ecdf46Conrad is a paediatric specialist nurse and experienced trainer in Kenya with experience working with the Kenya Red Cross and ETAT+. Conrad is developing a range of clinical content for the LIFE platform to help clinicians manage emergencies in children.

Jakob Rossner (Oxford Mobile and VR Developer)

image12Jakob is the LIFE project’s developer based in Oxford. Jakob uses his skills in 3D modelling and mobile development to bring the educational content to life in an interactive 3D environment.

Associate Professor Niall Winters (Educational Research Lead)

Niall-WintersNiall is an Associate Professor at Oxford University’s Department of Education and his research investigates how new technology such as smartphones and virtual reality (VR) can be used to train workers in the remotest of settings.

Dr Shobhana Nagraj (Educational Research Consultant)

Shobi picShobi is a clinical researcher at the University of Oxford. She has been helping the LIFE team evaluate the educational impact of the LIFE project.

Dr Sarah Deakin (Oxford University Innovation)

image6Sarah is a Technology Transfer Manager at Oxford University Innovation and supports the LIFE team as it develops from a University research project to a sustainable social enterprise.