About the LIFE Platform

LIFE is a scenario-based mobile and VR gaming platform that will teach healthcare workers to identify and manage medical emergencies using game-like training techniques to reinforce the key steps that need to be performed in order to save lives.


Healthcare workers can download LIFE scenarios to their mobile phones and play them wherever they want. The mobile app uses novel approaches to mobile learning to keep learners engaged and to efficiently convey the key knowledge they need to know to manage a medical emergency.


The Virtual Reality version of LIFE is being developed to allow healthcare workers to connect over low-bandwidth internet connections with experienced trainers in a VR hospital where they can learn how to manage medical emergencies in a realistic setting. This “live” instruction mimics the approach taken with face-to-face training courses.


LIFE is designed to host a number of different scenarios for learning how to manage a range of medical emergencies.

The first scenario we are developing for the LIFE platform is Neonatal Resuscitation:

In this scenario, the user takes on the role of a healthcare professional who is on their own and has to save the life of a newborn baby who is not breathing. The user has to correctly answer a series of questions, find the right equipment to perform a resuscitation in a virtual 3D ward environment and then use the equipment to successfully save the baby.

The Neonatal Resuscitation is currently undergoing beta-testing and will be trialled in Kenya during 2017. You can download the beta version from the Google Play store:

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