About the LIFE Platform

LIFE is a scenario-based mobile training platform for healthcare workers: they learn to identify and manage medical emergencies using simulation training principles and serious game concepts to embed and reinforce time-critical knowledge and actions.


Healthcare workers can download LIFE scenarios to their mobile phones and play them wherever they want. The mobile app uses novel approaches to mobile learning to keep learners engaged and to efficiently convey the key knowledge they need to know to manage a medical emergency. The app behaves as a simulation tutor, responding to reinforce correct actions and provide feedback on wrong answers.


LIFE is designed to host a number of different scenarios for learning how to manage a range of medical emergencies. Our first two series are:

Effective neonatal resuscitation

The learner chooses from three scenarios related to basic resuscitation of a baby who is not breathing at birth. They work through current best practice guidelines in a ‘real’ environment to embed their knowledge of the critical first steps in saving newborn lives. They identify and find equipment, demonstrate knowledge of how to assess a newborn baby, and go through the key steps of basic resuscitation in the correct sequence, all under a realistic time pressure. These scenarios are approved for CPD by the Kenyan Nursing Council.

Infant pneumonia

This series of three scenarios offers learners the chance to develop their skills in the identification and management of pneumonia in young children. Basic assessment and categorisation of the severity of the illness is followed by key guidance on management and infection control issues. The learner rehearses and confirms their knowledge of how to treat this common and life-threatening illness in children.

Infection prevention and PPE

In response to the pandemic, as well as the many other transmissible diseases which can be reduced or prevented with careful physical measures, we are currently developing a dedicated standalone infection prevention module, focused on the correct use of PPE.